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Barefoot Fun Fitness -Nia Technique

Dance Fitness classes in Windsor, Berkshire

Why Exercise with us?

Have an Inner Wild-side that you want to just release from time to time, to shake off your day, go and explore your own movement potential and get lost in sound music and movement, your way, do you want to let go and move your way in a fun and friendly environment and get fit and confident in your body at the same time?

Struggle to find exercise that's fun?
want to exercise regularly but do no
... t want to join a gym?
want to workout feel confident and enjoy the process?
need some important me-time, to de-stress and relax?
think you are un-coordinated and have two left feet?
sometimes feel embarrassed or shy to start something new?
feel your lack of exercise affecting your health?

Fun Friendly Fitness, Non-competitive Environment.
Energize, Instant fun for Body & Mind.
Me-Time, stress release & relaxation, mentally & physically.
Laughter, increased Happiness & Confidence!
Increased, flexibility, mobility, strength, stability & agility

An hours class barefoot practice. The Nia Technique.

A Magical blend of very easy to follow choreography with Dance steps, Martial Arts, stances and Kicks and the Healing Arts of relaxation, alignment, breathing, and awareness all set to a backdrop of the most AMAZING Energizing to funky to relaxing!

Come laugh, dance, move, Kick, stretch, relax, and breathe with us!

A very welcoming, friendly, relaxed and totally non-competitive environment, where the emphasis is placed on simply having fun moving your body. You DO NOT have to be a 'dancer' or require any previous experience. Suitable for all ages, sizes shapes and fitness levels as you are encouraged to choose your own intensity level.


First Class FREE! (Limited FREE tasters available book Now)

I notice better than before when I am not honouring my boundaries and not living in tune with my body. It's made me feel differently about "exercise" too. It's something I can do now, and the fact I never enjoyed it was not my fault but rather the attitude and type of movement were wrong (for me). As a result, I feel good about myself, I find it easier to eat better, sleep better
Nia is Not just for hippies-it's an actual workout, and has connected me to my body in new ways!" Sabine

"I have found something that up until a few months ago I didn't know existed and its exactly what I wanted and needed, For me that is my number 1 success that I have found something that matched my decision to stop falling into the trap of "No pain No gain" I had made a promise to myself that I would only do exercise that I truly enjoyed, rather than exercise feeling like a punishment. I still wanted to sweat and feel like I had worked out! But doing exercise because I love myself.
After my first class I felt uplifted and liberated, it's the most enjoyable form of exercise I have ever done."

"I feel like a more confident person more mentally and physically. I don't feel so self-conscious about myself and I feel healthier for it. Nia does not just allow you to dance and use your body; it allows you to free barriers in your mind and just be yourself more. I listen to what my body wants to do more and get past barriers in my mind. I have a busy working life and I leave class feeling relaxed it gives me time out, and I feel like I can achieve anything!"

"I have a very busy life and finding time for me is scarce, I wanted to get back into exercise but I like my exercise to be fun and add value to my life. I enjoy Nia, it makes me feel good, it opens up my body in places that need opening but I don't always realise that until after class, it's a form exercise that I find fun, I feel fitter, more toned and more aware of my body!"

"I feel much more confident to be me. I am better at finding Joy in the smallest of things. I love the Joy it creates in me while I 'm doing it, and after class, I leave still feeling joyful, and hoping to maintain it for as long as possible and to find Joy in as many aspects of life that I can. It has made me increasingly aware of my chi. its gives me the time to practise being mindful, and opportunity to forget work, to explore the sensations that come from class and to enjoy dancing with others." Tanya
DBS Insured By: Balens

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Balens
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